pCare  Sono Reporting (PACS+RIS) Software 

• pCare helps to smoothly manage Diagnostic center. 

• It has various modules to streamline daily tasks.

• It works fast and saves a lot of time.

• No chances of human error. 

• Auto generated reports with auto filled reading using OCR detection.

• Automated PNDT form fill-up. 

Don't Want to enter Patient Details again?

No Problem.  

With pCare, Patient details feed only once at reception.

pCare automatically sends patient details to Sono/CT/MRI/Xray Machines.

Auto Measurements Reading from Sonography Images

Offline Annotations + Dicom Printing 

Easy to Create Reports

Auto Generate Fetal Growth Graph

2nd Trimister Risk Calculation

GA Calculation

Auto PNDT Filing

It auto fills the PNDT details on the state government website. 

Auto-Generate Consent Forms, PNDT Form F, Anc Schedule.

Accounting + Billing

pCare Handles :

Pathology + LIMS

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