pCare Sono Reporting (PACS+RIS) Software

• pCare helps to smoothly manage Diagnostic center.

• It has various modules to streamline daily tasks.

• It works fast and saves a lot of time.

• No chances of human error.

• Auto generated reports with auto filled reading using OCR detection.

• Automated PNDT form fill-up.

Don't Want to enter Patient Details again?

No Problem.

With pCare, Patient details feed only once at reception.

pCare automatically sends patient details to Sono/CT/MRI/Xray Machines.

Auto Measurements Reading from Sonography Images

Offline Annotations + Dicom Printing

  • Annotations and Measurements can be added even after sonography is done.

  • Measurements (annotations) can be added be anyone.

  • Measurements marked using ruler gets stored in images itself. We don't need to marked measurements everytime.

  • Paper + Film Printing

Easy to Create Reports

  • Automated Report Generation.

  • The measurements would be Auto Detected & Auto Filled in the Report.

  • Auto Formatting

  • MCA_PSV Anemia Risk

  • Trisomy Risk Calculation

  • FGR, IUGR, SGA Risk

  • Aneuploidy Markers Risk

  • Preeclampsia Risk

Auto Generate Fetal Growth Graph

  • BPD, HC, AC, FL

  • Fetal Weight

  • Umbilical Artery S/D, RI, PI

  • FL/HC

  • FL/BPD

  • Uterine Artery RI, PI

  • Middle Cerebral Artery Peak Velocity for Anemia


2nd Trimister Risk Calculation

GA Calculation

Auto PNDT Filing

It auto fills the PNDT details on the state government website.

Auto-Generate Consent Forms, PNDT Form F, Anc Schedule.

Accounting + Billing

pCare Handles :

  • Full Accounting + Billing + Receipt Generation

  • Pending Payments + Collection Reports

  • Expense Management + Inventory Management

  • Appointment Alerts

  • SMS, Email, WhatsApp Images & Report

Pathology + LIMS

  • Users can create Pathology reports. And manage entire pathology Lab

  • Biochemistry, Hematology, Hormone analysis, Clinical Pathology, Histopathology

  • Auto Reading from Machines with LIMS interface

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