Cheque Processing Engine

'ChequeReader', an Image Analyzer and Intelligent Recognition Software deals with financial instruments like Cheques, Demand Drafts, etc.

In Banking Industry millions of cheques are manually processed every day. Even after CTS implementation, banks are doing manual data entry work for cheque processing, which is time-consuming and error-prone. As per the Central Bank's requirement, cheques should be processed and submitted in specified period of time every day. To meet this stringent deadline, in many banks, people are working overnight for cheques' manual data entry work.

Due to the different styles of handwritten characters, digitalizing cheque information can be very challenging. But not enough for 'SoftTact Technologies', who built software for a client to enable him to do just that: detect different handwriting as well as printed cheque information and transmit all this data to the bank.

'ChequeReader' software reads:

  • Amount or CAR (printed and Handwritten Both)
  • Date (Printed and Handwritten Both)
  • Account Number
  • MICR Code
  • Account Name
  • Backside Account Number (Payee Account Number)
  • Automatic UV Logo Verification (To Prevent Fraud)


  • Helps to process cheques faster.
  • Easy integration to Cheque Truncation System (CTS).
  • Automate the process to reduce keystroke.
  • Streamlines the cheque processing.
  • Helps in reduction of keying required by the teller or scanner operator.
  • Easy customization for many other (Non-English) languages.


  • Processing Time ~1.5 Seconds Per Cheque.
  • Legal Amount i.e. amount written in words (LAR) detection functionality is in progress.
  • Processes batch of images and gives output in Excel and SQL database.

UV Logo Detection & Verification

A bank's logo plays very crucial role in verifying the originality of the cheque. These logos (usually that of the issuing bank) is printed across sensitive areas of the cheque or in specified locations. The UV Logo algorithm identifies bank logos printed onto cheques, saves countless hours over manual cheque fraud detection methods and hence proves the originality of the cheque.

Backside Account Number (Payee Account Number) Detection

Detects the account number of a payee written onto the backside of the cheque

Following table shows the accuracy maintained in the software: