Cheque Processing Engine

ChequeReader is an Image analyzer and intelligent recognition software. This software deals with financial instruments such as Cheque, Demand Draft, Postal Orders etc. ChequeReader software can read following details from cheque image:

1) CAR(Amount, printed and Handwritten Both)

2) Date(Printed and Handwritten Both)

3) Account Number



1) Helps to process cheques faster.

2) You can integrate ChequeReader into your Cheque Truncation System(CTS).

3) Automate the process to reduce keystroke.

4) Streamline check processing.

5) Helps in reduction of keying required by the teller or scanner operator.

6) Can be customized for other (Non-English) languages.


1)Processing Time ~1.5 Seconds Per Cheque

2) LAR (Legal Amount) detection is in progress

3) Following table shows the accuracy maintained in the software

4) Can process batch of images and give output in Excel and SQL database