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'SoftTact' was founded by two IITians in July 2003 at the incubator cell in IIT Bombay. SoftTact is a software development firm with expertise in Medical Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Geometric Optimization, Tomography, 3D scanning, GPU computing and DICOM. We have extensive expertise in developing Thin client technology to view medical images remotely over internet. We have developed highly scalable and reliable Thin-client technology using .NET remoting, and a cluster of windows 2003 server.

We are also experienced in implementing scientific algorithms on NVedia GPUs using CUDA. Highly parallel architecture of GPU helps us to achieve speedup up to 20X in various scientific algorithms. Soft-Tact Technologies also deals in Custom Software Development, web application development and programming services. Our applications automate and simplify the business processes increasing company ROI. Our cutting edge strategies are used by many small businesses, who are leaders in niche markets. Soft-tact has some of the most sought partnerships and affiliations in custom business software industry.

ChequeReader is developed for banking sector to enhance efficiency and speedy disposal of transactions. This software efficiently detects information such as account number, amount, date. Read More

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Clinical Trials And Regulatory Approval

We help medical device manufactures to do clinical trials. We have collaboration with professional Doctors and hospitals across India. We also help various companies to get regulatory approval for their medical devices and instruments. We have well trained and highly skilled staff for this.


Soft-Tact opens a new branch in Chicago, Illinois to expand its customer base in the US December 24, 2005