About us


Soft-Tact was founded by two IITians in JULY 2003 at the incubator cell in Kanwal Rekhi School of InformationTechnology (Kresit), IIT Bombay, with the aim of becoming a global provider 3Dscanning and geometric optimization softwares.Soft-Tact is a software development firm specializing geometric optimization, image processing, tomography and 3D scanning.Our expertise include C#,.NET, MSSQL, WPF, WCF, DirectX and Internet consulting.

We help our clients take strategic decisions by providing them with professional knowledge services. We at Soft-Tact combine our technical expertise with state of art technologies to provide the best solution Soft-Tact also develops software solutions for various business segments. These solutions are customized as per requirements of our clients.

To find out more or to initiate a project, please Contact us or send us an email at  support@softtact.com