We develop customized products, as per client requirements.

Our Projects :

Thin Client Imaging S/W

We have developed a Thin Client Technology to view 2D/3D Medical images remotely over internet. It supports CT, MRI & PET modalities.
It is Highly scalable & reliable. It is developed using .NET remoting ,& a cluster of windows 2003 server.

We have developed Automatic Bone Removal Technology in Neuro CT images.



  3D Laser Scanner

We have developed 3D Laser Scanner to scan surface of rough diamond. Implemented reconstruction algorithm to generate triangular surface model of rough diamond. Developed Laser Marking System to mark,th position of optimal diamond, on the rough diamond surface.
3D cone beam tomography was implementred to scan the rough diamonds using Micro-CT scanner.
To download video, click here


Diaplan is a software tool which optimizes the cutting process of rough diamonds. the tool is a major asset for diamond cutters & helps them in generating diamonds with high value. It calculates the optimum position & orientation of polished diamond inside a rough stone so that the maximum volume of rough stone is utilized. It also helps in planning the process of actual matching of rough diamonds.

Rasik Patel,
Oct 23, 2013, 5:31 AM